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Kat Surth Modeling Info

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Alucard & KJ Dekker's Punishment Haircuts
Amanda Bobs her Hair
Barber Barberette Face Shaving
Button Curler Punishment Hairstyle & Pink Brush Rollerset with RedGhost on DVD
Caped Women Going Wild
Emily's Thinning Shears Haircut, Face, Eyebrows, and Head Shave
Escape (Helena's Head Shave movie) - Punishment Headshave
Flatland's Headshave by Kat
Gal in Vinyl Dress trying on 15 Capes and Aprons
Jaclyn's Bob Haircut
Jennifer and Kat Caping in a Hair Salon
Kat's Afro Foam Perm
Kat's Barbershop Headshave
Kat's Bleaching and Purple Haircoloring
Kat's Bleaching - Black to Blonde - at Carmen's Salon on DVD
Kat's Bleach Touch Up, Roller Set, and Marilyn Monroe Hairstyle on DVD
Kat's Bleach and Variocurler Roller Set
Kat's Blonde to Brunette and Braid at Carmen's Salon
Kat's Blonde to Brunette - Self Haircoloring
Kat's Blonde to Red
Kat's Extreme Bob Haircut
Kat's Face Shave
Kat's Face Shave with a Disposable Razor
Kat's Face Shave with Straight-Edge and Safety Razors
Kat's Face Shave with Vintage Safety Razor, wearing Wig with Rollers
Kat's Flat Top Haircut at Great Clips Hair Salon
Kat's GE Bonnet
Kat's Gellin' Hairstyle
Kat's Hair Bleach in Lingerie at Carmen's Salon
Kat's Hair Conditioning with Foils and Rollerset
Kat's Hair Eating Creme
Kat's High and Tight in a Barber Shop 192 Photos
Kat's Head Shave in Stages
Kat's Japanese Face Shave and Massage
Kat's Nape Buzz at Carmen's Salon
Kat's 1950's Deb Cold Wave Perm and Updo
Kat's Outside Inside Inverted Bob Haircut
Kat's Perm and Orange Haircoloring
Kat's Pink Haircoloring and Foot Massage
Kat's Pink Wig under the Hair Chair Dryer
Kat's Purple Perm Rods under Dryer
Kat's Red Flat Top Photos
Kat's Self Blonde Haircoloring
Kat's Shampoo and Lather
Kat's Shampoo & 1940's Hair Tint Rinse
Kat Shaves Karissah's Face and Back of Head in Barberchair
Kat Shaving her Face in Rollers 105 Photos
Kat Shaving Leslie's Head Bald 188 Photos
Kat Shaving Pistol Vegas's Head Bald 163 Photos
Kat's Slicked Hair 3-Way
Kat's Spiral Perm, Roller Set, Out Shopping
Kat's Tie and Salon Cape Fun
Kat's Tip Top & Other Metal Curlers Set and Comb Out
Kat's 3-Way Shampoo at a Beauty Salon
Kat Under Dryer with Tip Top & Other Metal Curlers
Kendra Holliday's Head Shave Event and Other Adventures
Princess Kat, aka "that video from Break" on DVD
Shaving Cream Clean - Shampoo
37 Beauty Salon Capes on Kat
Trish and Kat's Cape Play
Winning Shave - Head Shave in Stages
Zonie's Head Shave

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