Hair Themed Freebies and Goodies

If your passion is hair, we'll make sure that you have a bit of it everywhere! Not only do we have the wallpaper/backgrounds for your computer and mobile/cell phone, but also a couple patterns for you watermelon and pumpkin carvers out there. You'll also find a GPS vehicle as a Oster electric clippers! Take your favorite pair of electric clippers on the go. Oster 76 Hair Clippers is now a vehicle for your GPS device.

Holiday Gift Tags

Barber and salon themed holiday gift tags are perfect for the presents you give the barber or hair stylist in your life. Or perhaps to show off your own profession or shop. The Avery templated needed is stated on the gift tag sheet. Click on the image below for a larger version, then right-click and save to your computer.

GPS Vehicle

Bored of the vehicle on your GPS device? How about upgrading it to an Oster 76 clippers? The Oster 76 electric clippers that are rotating above is the same pair of clippers that will soon be on your GPS. The url is NOT on the actual Osters vehicle icon. Just download the .srf file to your computer and follow the instructions on how to upload this Oster 76 clippers vehicle to your GPS device.

This has been tested in Garmin models. It may work in others. If you do get it to work in your model, please let us know so she can add that info here.

RIGHT-CLICK HERE and save to your computer.

How to Install in your GPS. I didn't use those instructions, but they might be helpful to you. Instead, I just plugged in my GPS with a USB cable that it came with. Then I opened up my computer file folder to find where I put the .srf file, clicked on it, copied it (Ctrl+C), and pasted it (Ctrl+V) into the Vehicles folder, on the GPS. (You may have to click through several folders to find your GPS' vehicle folder. Then after unplugging the GPS from my computer, I found my vehicles under Map. (Click through everything on your GPS. My last GPS had the vehicles under the Display folder).

Pumpkin & Watermellon Carving Patterns

For folks who prefer something a bit different each year for the holidays - carving patterns perfect for pumpkins and watermellons. Excellent instructions on how to use the patterns can be found HERE.