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Face Shave Videos

Here is the list of videos with women's face shaves.

Allie's Face Shave with Razor in Rollers
Anne M's Beard and Face Shave
Barber Barberette Face Shaving
Celia Cyanide's Face Shave
Face and Nape Shave at The Barber Sharp in Minneapolis - YouTube video
Kat's Face Shave with a Disposable Razor
Kat Shaves Karissah's Face and Back of Head in Barberchair
Kat's Face Shave and Head Shave at a Barbershop - YouTube video
Kat's Face Shave with Straight-Edge and Safety Razors
Kat's Face Shave with Vintage Safety Razor, wearing Wig with Rollers
Kat's Japanese Face Shave and Massage
Natalie's Barbershop Face Shave Only
Pistol Vegas Straight Razor Face Shave