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Short Hairstyles Videos

Here is the list of haircut videos featuring short hair of various styles - bowl, mullet, partial head shaves, etc.

Alexandra Rex's Mohawk Haircut
Amanda H.'s Pageboy Haircut
Angel's Bowl Cut Haircut
Art of Roxanne's Clippercut Haircut
Art of Tina's Wedge Pixie Haircut
Art of Tracy's Inverted Bob Haircut
Billie's Ivy League Haircut
Blonde Sara's Long Hair to Pixie Haircut
Bri's Long Brush Haircut
Brittany's waist long Hair to Shag Haircut
Caroline's Long Brunette Hair to Bob Haircut
Dawn's Brushcut Haircut
DJ's Long to Short Haircut
Elizabeth's Short Haircut with Fringe
Gigi's Short Haircut
Hair Spell for Love aka Nicole's Business Man's Haircut
Jamie's Peekaboo Haircut and Trim
Jeanette's Mohawk Haircut
Jennifer's Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut
Karissah Jean's Buzzcut Haircut
Karissah's Haircut in Stages to Chelsea and Face Shave - DVD only
Kat Kempe's Crop Haircut
Kat's Head Shave in Stages
Kat's Outside Inside Inverted Bob Haircut
Kat's Partial Head Shave and Foam Perm
Kat's Pixie Haircut in Stages and Messy Shampoo
Kelsey's Long Hair to Pixie Haircut
Lisa's Long Hair to Chin Length Bob Haircut
Lucy's Long Hair to Short Haircut
Mandys Choppy Chunky Shag Mullet
Ms. Richie's Wild Haircuts
Molly's Long Hair to Geometric Pixie Haircut
Mother and Daughter Short Haircuts
Pat's Mullet Haircut
Renita's Very Long Hair to Bob Haircut
Sharla's Crop Haircut
Susan's Short Shag Haircut
Tifanee Marie's Extreme Short Boy's Haircut
Tricia & Michelle's New Short Haircuts
Trish Highlight's Kat's Hair
Vanessa's Bleach and Buzz Haircut
Winning Shave - Head Shave in Stages