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Hair Dryer Videos

Here is the list of all the videos with drying wet hair under dryers and salon chair hair dryers.

Angie's Big 1960's Hairstyle
Celia Cyanide's Perm, Roller Set, and Beehive
Celia Cyanide's Spiral Set - Punishment with Mistress Bee
Jaclyn's Bob Haircut
Jukebox Jenny's Button Curlers, Pincurls, Fingerwave
Karissah's Hair Play - Slicked Hairstyles, Fingerwaving Clamps, Dryer
Kat's GE Bonnet
Kat's Gellin' Hairstyle
Kat's Hair Conditioning with Foils and Rollerset
Kat's Pink Wig under the Hair Chair Dryer
Kat's Purple Perm Rods under Dryer
Kat Under Dryer with Tip Top & Other Metal Curlers
Mistress Bee's Dryer Time and Brush Roller Removal
Mistress Bee's Green Perm Rod Set and Dryer Time