All About Hair

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          12    1314
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40                4142       


  1. Name of the metal curlers that had a red tip.
  2. is given credit for first creating a spiral permanent wave machine.
  3. A popular ingredient in permanent wave machine reagents.
  4. In this system, Nessler replaced water with oil.
  5. Barbershop capes in the past where either white or white with ________.
  6. conical hairstyle for women popular in the 1960s.
  7. Brand of maroon-colored clippers that blows air.
  8. Movie where Demi Moore shaves her head.
  9. In 1872, he created special tongs which created waves in hair.
  10. In which continent do salons often use digital perm machines?
  11. It was common for Victorian postcards to have what attached?
  12. Since acid perms were gentler on hair, they were called _____.
  13. Product that sponsered Kat Surth's Too Hot for Hair Show.
  14. There was a little girl, Who had a little ______.
  15. Japanese company who created the digital perm machines.
  16. Company created fun road-side slogans.
  17. In the good ole days, every regular barbershop customer had his own _________.
  18. created the cold wave in 1938.
  19. Rockabilly gals often decorate their hair with these.
  20. In ancient times, people used mud and ______ to make curly hair.
  21. "a woman’s ______ glory"
  22. Company whose ads showed twins to sell their home perm kits.
  23. ______ Suter created a perm machine that heated hair roots and tips differently.
  24. What is the other name for a "Brush Cut"?
  25. Using water and cow ____, a German hairdresser made a hair curling solution.
  26. Bald actress who had a part in Star Trek the Motion Picture.
  27. Eurythmics' female singer who rocked a flat top in the 1980s.


  1. Medical condition that causes hairloss.
  2. What does "G.I." stand for in "G.I. Haircut"?
  3. Magazine in the 1990s that featured women's head shaving and baldness.
  4. Procedure where thread is used to remove hair.
  5. Female hairstyle popular in the 1920s.
  6. These monks and many nuns shave their head.
  7. This woman to received a patent on her permanent wave machine.
  8. German word for hair.
  9. She has the longest hair, as of May 8, 2004, says Guinness World Records.
  10. also known as the Chicago Midwest Beauty Show.
  11. He established Progressive Hair Club in the 1990s.
  12. LTAH is a popular hair forum. What does LTAH stand for?
  13. This company created the Uniperm.
  14. Hairstyle worn by many 1920s newspaper boys.
  15. A Britain brand whose home perm kits were popular in the 1960s-70s.
  16. Variocurlers were created by this company.
  17. First beauty salon was established in this USA city.
  18. Perm machines could have two kinds of heaters. Tubular and _____.
  19. Charles Dana Gibson created the first pinup in 1902 called the ________.
  20. The name of the head shaving convention sponsored by 7Up and Bob Fitzgerald.
  21. Besides, Close Shave magazine, this one also appeared, The ____ Clipper.
  22. Which haircut is popular in the military?
  23. A hair _____ held hair removed from a Victorian woman's brush.

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