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What is a VOD?
A VOD stands for Video on Demand. You download the video to your computer and watch it on your computer. Our VODs are of CD quality. Some people prefer this because it's quicker than having a DVD shipped, and there's no physical product so it can't break. Some DVD players can play media files such as .wmv, but you'll need to check your DVD player's manual to be sure. Also, if you want to play the VOD in your DVD player, you'll need to burn the file(s) to disc first.

How do I download a VOD (Video on Demand)?
Once you purchase a VOD, you should receive an email with a link and a username and password. Click on the link and enter your information. Then click on the download button. Our VODs are not zipped into folders and they do not have any special coding, so downloading should be easy. Please visit the DOWNLOAD HELP page if you need assistance with your VOD.

Can I share and trade my video with others?
The video that you buy is for your own private viewing. It is not ment to be shared with others. Our prices are very reasonable compared to other hair video sites. Because we hire professional models, professionals stylists/barbers, camera people, and because sometimes need to rent the location and buy supplies, we cannot afford this loss of videos being shared. If shared videos becomes a problem, we will have to start either using DRM protection or stop making videos.

I purchased a VOD, but I lost the username and password.
Just email Kat and she can retrieve it for you. Please note that response time is up to 24 hours.

I downloaded the VOD to my computer, but I don't know where they are. Do you know?
This step is for those who have Windows software. The easiest way to find your VOD is to look at the VOD file name on the page where you download the VOD. Either write down the vod.wmv file name or highlight it and copy it. Next, click your START button on your bottom task bar. In that menu is SEARCH. Click on SEARCH. You'll see an option for your computer to search for video. Click on video and enter in the vod.wmv file name. Give your computer a few moments to find your VOD. Then, right-click and view properties to see where your VOD is located.

The best way to know where your VOD is located is to make sure that you are downloading your VOD in a directory on your computer that is easy to find. I highly suggest making a new folder on the D:, E:, or F: drive on your computer with the name VODs. Please do NOT save to your C: drive if you can help it. The C: drive is where all your programs are stored. Once your computer crashes, most of the time, whatever is on the C: drive is lost forever. The C: drive is the drive that is most prone to crashes.

I decided that after I purchased the VOD, I want my money back.
We're sorry, but with the video's description, with many photos, and sometimes a preview available, you know what you are buying. There are also forums to ask others who bought the video where you can ask how they liked the video. If you buy a video and do a chargeback, you will be banned from buying anymore videos from this site. Chargebacks cost the credit card processing company additional money, and they fine me for it too.

If you have a technicial problem with the VOD, please visit the DOWNLOAD HELP page for assistance with your VOD. If you do all of the suggestions on that page, but are still having problems, then contact me for a refund. I will only do this once -- if VODs don't work for you, purchase DVDs instead.

I purchased the wrong DVD or VOD by mistake.
We know that people are busier than ever these days, and that many people just don't take time to read before making a purchase. But due to the nature of our DVDs and VODs, we are unable to give refunds or exchanges if you didn't take the time to read before making the purchase. The ordering page tells you which one to buy and if you click on 'add to cart' for a DVD/VOD, the shopping cart tells you which DVD/VOD that you are buying, before you even confirm payment. The only time I will refund a DVD order is if you buy a DVD and then email me right away to cancel and refund the order. This applies to the DVD only! And I MUST receive this email BEFORE I send out the DVD. You WILL receive a confirmation notice of when the DVD is/has been sent out.

I purchased a VOD but meant to order a DVD instead.
You can either order the DVD version and then Email Kat about canceling and refunding the VOD order (the VOD must NOT have been downloaded), or>email Kat about the mistake and she can send you a paypal invoice to cover the difference for the DVD.

I would like to use my credit card for a VOD, but what will it say in my paypal account?
In the overview of your paypal account, it will state, "AKSF." On bank statements, you'll see the word PayPal*AKSF and some numbers.

I lost all my VODs. Can you re-give them to me?
Let me answer a question with a question: why didn't you save them to CD or some other type of storage device? As stated in the DOWNLOAD HELP page, save your VODs on a drive other than the C: drive, because that C: drive often crashes and fails. Also, you are given 7 days to download; this is written in several places on this website, so please don't give me that excuse - some company's links expire within 24 hours! So you have plenty of time to download. (To me, this is like losing a DVD, and then asking the store to replace it.) I'll re-set one or two VODs free of charge, but the rest have a $3.00 fee each to cover the bandwith and my time for re-setting up your account. And this is ONLY for the VODs that you have already purchased, the VODs will have a download duration of 3 days, and I will do this re-activation only ONE TIME, so please save your VODs properly. (If you are constantly loosing your VODs, maybe you should opt for DVDs instead).

After buying the VOD, when will I get the link to download?
An email with your download information should be sent out automatically, within minutes of purchase. After checking your spam/bulk box, and waiting 20 minutes, you still can't find that email, contact Kat to let her know, and she will re-send you the link.

If after a day you don't hear back from Kat, her emails are probably not getting through your email host. Please call Kat. The phone number can be found on your PayPal receipt. Best time to call is between 9 am to 2 pm weekdays, central USA time.

I got charged tax on a VOD!
You must be a resident of Minnesota. Minnesota sales tax is charged on physical orders, but the shopping cart software doesn't know the difference between digital and physical orders. As your information is processed, a refund of the tax will be sent back to you within 24 - 48 hours.

  • I bought a VOD, but when I go to download it, it says BANNED USER. What now?
    If you receive a message that you are a Banned User, please email Kat and she will promptly refund your money. You may be banned because you have been a problem customer in the past, or because you are a known problem customer in the hair producer community. Hair producers share a list of problem/fraudulant customers, and you are probably on that list. People who do fraud ripple problems that can effect the whole hair community. Since HCF is based in the USA, in USA law, HCF has the right to refuse service to anyone. If you still wish to buy a video, you will need to purchase the video as a DVD and submit your order through the postal mail. Please see the ORDER FORM page for details.

    The holiday special VOD says free, but when I click, I get an error message!
    The holiday special VOD is only available to those who also make an additional purchase. (The holiday special VOD is only available during the month of December.) You can click it to add it to your cart, but this free VOD will not show up in your VOD downloading area for up to 24 hours, as Kat has to manually add it in. The free button gives an error message to those who try to download the video from the website. If the VOD doesn't show up in your cart, just email Kat and she will make sure that you receive it.

    How much is shipping?
    When ordering any physical product, the shipping price is as follows:
    $4.00 (2,00 Euro) for orders $0.01 - $29.99
    $5.00 (3,00 Euro) for orders $30.00 - $69.99
    $6.00 (4,00 Euro) for orders $70.00 - $89.99
    $7.00 (5,00 Euro) for orders $90.00 - $109.99
    $8.00 (6,00 Euro) for orders $110.00 and up

    How soon will I receive my DVD?
    Depending on the time of day you order, your DVD could be sent out the same day, next day, or the day after. All USA orders are shipped First Class and international orders are sent Air Mail. Those in the USA should expect their DVD within a week, and those internationally will get their DVD within 10-14 business days. If you are an international buyer, and your order has yet to arrive after the stated time frame, please contact your customs office. For all buyers: please make sure you give a correct mailing address, otherwise your order will be delayed.

    For international customers! Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer's responsibility. Please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to bidding/buying. These charges are normally collected by the delivering freight (shipping) company or when you pick the item up do not confuse them for additional shipping charges. We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" - US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior.

    I would like to order a DVD, but what will the return address say?
    The return address is written as:
    PO Box 43821
    Brooklyn Park, MN 55443
    If you need something different, just let us know when you order.

    What types of DVD do you use?
    I burn video on DVD-Rs. I've been told that they play on nearly DVD player and computer DVD player.

    I received a DVD and it does not play.
    Please contact me and a replacement (same title only) will be sent out to you.

    I purchased a DVD but meant to order a VOD instead.
    Email Kat IMMEDIATELY. If you have received an email from Kat saying that she's sending off your order today/tomorrow, she has already processed your order. There will be a $2.00 charge to cover the packaging. BUT! If you wait too long, and if she's already sent off the order when you response, you'll have to re-send the package back before she can send you a VOD link email and a refund of the VOD/DVD difference, minus $2.00. If you can email Kat before she processes your order, she will refund the difference of the DVD/VOD and send you the VOD link email.

    I would like buy a DVD, but what will it say on its overview?
    In the overview, it will state, "AKSF". On bank statements, you'll see the word PayPal*AKSF and some numbers.

    I never received my order.
    As of 19. June 2008, do NOT send cash. If you sent cash and I never got it, I will NOT send out your order. Please make a copy of your money order before sending it. If you order is lost, send me a copy of the money order. I will make sure that the money order is real. If it is not, I will not send out your "replacement". If you are from another country, check with your custom's office first, after waiting two weeks for your order to arrive. If you ordered by paypal, tell me the date or send me the receipt, and I'll re-send your order. Anyone trying to commit fraud will be punished. I'm sorry but I've had a few people who did some bad things who ruined it for the others. Even "free" videos have a cost: packaging, postage, DVD/CD cost, gas to post office, equipment usage, and time.

    What can I do with my shorn hair?
    Just as you can do a number of things with the hair on your head, you can do a number of things with your locks in your hands. You could always make hair jewerly, frame it, sell it, donate it, make it into "rats", or put into the compost bin or garden.

    How can I view the video summary, photos, and preview clip in the store?
    How to use the website:
    By going to the STORE, you can browse the everything, and it is in alphabetical order. When you click on the item, the video summary, photos, and preview clip comes up.
    If you use the search feature, it gives a sample photo, title, a little information and price. The best way to use the site, is to do a search of what you like, e.g. bald, perm, Trish, etc., then click on "more" and it will bring up all information for that product.

    My English is bad. What other languages do you speak? Mein Englisch ist shlecht. Welche andere Sprechen sprichts du?
    We can write to you in German. We know only a little bit of Spanish. Sie koennen uns auf Deutsch schrieben.

    What ways can I pay for my order?
    You'll need a credit card or bank account to pay with Paypal. I also accept money order, wire transfer through Money Gram, Euro cash, and Euro wire transfer. If you want to send cash, please do so at your own risk. I haven't had a problem with the postal service when the cash is wrapped in paper, but there's always a first time for everything. If you do your banking online and have "bill pay", you can send me money using that. If you choose that option, you'll need to put A Kat Surth Film as the company name. The address is the same as above. In case you need it, the bank I have my account through is USBank.

    What makes your videos different than anyone else's?
    I'm not totally sure what everyone else is doing, but I can tell you what I'm doing. I usually use two/three professional grade video cameras at every shoot. I try to fulfill (several of) your requests with every video made. My videos are edited -- edited to show all the best parts; the blocked, blurry, or shaky shots have been removed. I try to keep everything shown, from the time the gal sits in the chair until she leaves it. Please look at how many minutes you are getting when you buy a video. For example, a true perm should take at least an hour. If it's any less than that, you know so parts have been removed completely.

    I'm waiting for a sale. When are you going to have one?
    I'm sorry, but I will probably never have a sale (pricing them very cheap after their standard price) on any of my videos. I believe sales degrade a person's work and value. And for those who already bought the video, they may feel cheated.

    Do you have music in your videos?
    I'm surprised how often I get this question! We try not to have music during the video because it's difficult licensing music (I've done this so I know) and because it's more interesting hearing the background noise of a salon or barbershop. Sometimes there will be music during the credits or in the DVD menu. Again, we don't routinely add music during the video.

    Where I can find the same foam perm as in Leah's video?
    The same foam perm product that was used in Leah's Foam Perm video can be found HERE. Please consult the instructions that come with the perm for proper usage; do not ask me as I will not know.

    Can I post a few photos on some Yahoo Groups or on my website?
    As long as the photos are not altered in any way besides resizing, you can post any photo containing the logo on any Yahoo group, website, or forum. I have seen a few photos were someone blurred out a face or added someone else's face on our photos; I find those alterations tasteless and disrespectful. So please, do feel free post our photos, leaving our photos in their original condition. Thank you. *smile*

    If I send you a script/idea, will you pay me for it?
    It's great that you want to send us your script or ideas, but we are unable to pay or compensate you for them. We've noticed from the ideas that have already been sent to us, that many people have the same idea. Obviously, we cannot pay everyone for the same idea. As for scripts, we don't use them. Kat hates rehearsed lines; they sound dead. Nearly all of our models are real working women or mothers who have never before acted nor do they want to. To make things easier for everyone, if you send in any ideas or scripts, they may be used, but you will neither receive compensation or credit.

    I have a son or daughter...could he/she model for you?
    If your son or daughter is under the age of 18 years, then I'm sorry, no. I know there are how-to videos of kids' haircuts/updos/etc, but I do not know that market, and nor do I have time to research it to find out the latest trends/styles for kids. Please contact modeling agencies in your area about having your child model. Good luck!

    How can I get a haircut in your salon? I don't want to be filmed.
    I'm sorry. I'm no longer doing private sessions in my salon studio. I am doing private sessions at a studio dungeon in Minneapolis. The price is $160.00 per hour. I'm available Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm only. I need at least a week's notice. Send me a detailed email of what you want, the time and day you'd like your session, and your phone number with the best time to call. Serious inquires only, as all appointments must occur within a month of first speaking to me about that session. (This should hopefully prevent fakers from wasting my time). Cancellations must be made at least one days in advance, and you can only cancel on me once. A $30.00 non-returnable fee paid through must be paid before the appointment. This fee is deducted from the $160.00. If you are a no-show, that money does NOT get refunded. If you cancel, that money is held for the next appointment. If you don't show or cancel the next session, that money will not be refunded.

    Can you give me a haircut, facial shave, or shave my head?
    If you are a model and who would like to be in a video, please contact me about hiring you. If you don't want to be in a video, I'm sorry, but I'm no longer doing private sessions.

    I'm a photographer/videographer and I love your space. Can I rent it?
    Locations are key for any photograph and film. To rent my space for the day (5 hours or less), it's $100. For this price, you can use my equipment as well. Most of the hair products are vintage and rare. If you wish to use those, those cost extra.

    I have a perm machine that I would like to sell. Is it worth anything? Would you buy it, or know of anyone who would?
    I'm afraid to say that in general, your perm machine isn't worth much, especially if not all the clamps are there, wires are worn or cut, and if there are no units (the metal things that hold the metal rods and the rods themselves) or other supplies to go with it. I've seen a couple of perm machines up for auction on with a start price of $300 and $500, but there have been no bids (so no sale). I've seen permanent wave machines sell for $200, but that was when the economy was better. But depending on the shape and condition, you could try ebay for $200. Otherwise, I suggest or donating the perm machine to your local museum. By donating it, you may be entitled to a tax deduction. If a tax deduction isn't important to you, and if the museum doesn't want it, try contacting beauty schools in your area. If you live in the Twin Cities area, you can try Ax Man Surplus or Lee at Wholesale Salon. If all else fails, please bring the perm machine to a scrap yard where it can be recycled. DO NOT dump it off in a landfill; save the earth, please!

    NEW! Post a 'For Sale' ad for your perm machine in the HCF forum, under Classifieds.

    If you do recycle it, you could always send the clamp/wire/plug setup to me. I currently don't have a use for them, but they could come in handy if my clamps break or if a wire shorts out. Thank you and good luck!

    The chatroom looks great! What all can it do?
    First, you can choose any handle (name) you wish. And if you wish to private message someone, you can, just by clicking the smiley face by their handle. Now see that black box in the upper right corner. You can fill it with a video or photo, just add the url to the text box (the same box you'd use if you want to send a message to the chatroom), and the video and/or photo will automatically pop up. When you start chatting for a bit, you'll notice two messages that show up on the screen, each happens one time per chat session. One is about warning someone before blocking them. The next is to remind you not to give our your private information.

    Can I PM (Private Message) you in the chatroom?
    I'm sorry, I would rather not be pm'ed. Pm'ing throws me off on what I'm doing in the chatroom. Also, pm'ing also freaks me out a bit. This is why I'm no longer on Yahoo Messanger. One time I was hit by over 200+ pm's, and it crashed my computer. If you have something to say to me, but you don't wish to share it in the chatroom, please email me directly with your message.

    I have some haircutting videos that I made. Can you distribute them?
    Depending on the quality, I could. Please use tripods whenever possible. A model release needs to be signed. If you need a copy of a model release, just let me know and I'll send you mine. You'll need to edit it with your own name and info. Okay, now for the information you are waiting for: the split is 50% of the profit, paypal fee are taken out first. I can edit the video for you, or you can edit yourself. If you wish that the video not be edited, that's fine too. I do payouts by check every first of the month. If you prefer that payouts are sent by paypal, that's fine too. If you are from Europe, and wanted me to distribute your video, I can pay out in Euro wire transfer. If at any time you wish to have your video removed from the website, it will be removed within 24 hours. If I receive complaints from your video, it will be removed from the website. Videos can be sent to my mailing address found on the CONTACT page. Please put tracking on the package, so the package can be tracked, if it becomes lost. Please print out, sign and date, and send the Video Producers Agreement.

    I want to make videos for you...can I copy your model release?
    Anytime you hire a model, and you wish to sell or display photos or videos, you'll want the model to sign your model release after the photo/video shoot. Model releases are standard in the industry. You'll find my MODEL RELEASE here. Feel free to copy & paste it, replacing my personal information with yours. You can edit it too.

    Where do you find your models? Can you help me find mine?
    A lot of times, models have so much fun in our videos, they often tell a friend. So a lot of it is by word of mouth. In the past we have used and You can post your ad in either the Gigs/talent section or Services/beauty section. You are responsible for your own ad, so please don't ask me to write one for you. A sample ad could be: 1.) Established haircutting video business seeks female models with hair at least shouldar-length or longer, for short modern cuts. Pay is $X. Contact X for details. 2.) Need cash? Sell your hair and get a fantastic haircut! Pay is $X. Please send a current photo showing your hair length, and contact X for details. Good luck!

    I design/make capes. I sell hair/shaving products. Could you use them in your videos?
    Sure! I love using the items that people send me. If you are a designer or manufacture of a hair/shaving product, not only will your item be used in a video, your company will also be credited in the video's credits and on the THANK YOU page. If you have a link to your website, I will link to it in the LINKS page. And if someone asks about a similiar product, I will refer him/her to your website. Please send capes/products to the address shown on the CONTACT page.

    I'm not a designer or part of a company. Can I still send you stuff to use/wear?
    Yes! We will try out best to use the items you send in future videos. And as long as you have a valid email address, we will let you know which video we used your item in. Because sometimes things can get stained by hair chemicals or become damaged in general, we do not send anything back. Please send items to the address shown on the CONTACT page.

    I missed the Too Hot for Hair Show. Will you have another hair show?
    I'm sorry, but due to the lack of attendance and the amount of time (and money) it takes to organize a hair show, I will not be hosting another one.

    I have long hair. What do you think that I should do with it?
    Whatever you want to do with it - it's your hair. Either buy hair magazines or visit your local library (or search online) to see what you can do with your hair. Please don't send me photos of yourself asking me for suggestions because I won't have any. Please visit your stylist or a hair styling forum where people have more expertise at suggesting hairstyles suitable to your face structure, your hair type, and your lifestyle.

    Where are your video previews for cell phones?
    You'll find them HERE, under the Videos tab.

    I am a video/content producer. How can I sell my own stuff?
    Pretty much everything you need to know to get started can be found by clicking
    HERE. The great thing is that these instructions are step-by-step, so anyone can follow it.

    My antique barber chair needs hydraulic fluid. What kind/where should I buy?
    According to Lee of you can go to any hardware store and buy hydraulic fluid. Look for the kind that has "low detergent."
    This type of hydraulic fluid is good for older barber chairs only! The newer barber chairs have self-sealing pumps, so once those go out, you'll just have to buy a new barber chair.
    IMPORTANT! When adding hydraulic fluid to your barber chair (most times you'll find the opening under neath the seat cushion), make sure that the chair is ALL THE WAY TO THE BOTTOM! Otherwise, after you add the fluid, the fluid will shoot out when you put the chair down.
    (To make the chair go all the way to the bottom, press the foot pedal and hold it down until the chair goes all the way down and cannot go down any further. If you have a lever instead of a pedal, push the lever forward towards the foot rest and down as far as it can go).
    Lee of fantastic guy with lots of great advise and has a shop full of wonderful new and vintage salon equipment at reasonable prices. It's one of my favorite places to shop. :)

    I try commenting on your YouTube video clip, but it doesn't show. Why?
    Due to spammers, only friends of our channel are allowed to comment on videos. If you want to make a comment, please add baldchick as your friend.

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